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A lot of folks have been asking about the terms for delivery, so I've written this little piece here to explain.

From the U.S.A.

Transatlantic delivery is by ship (no surprise there), we use Roll-on-roll-off as this is the way that all car manufacturers send their cars  The car is fully insured during this time - for the unlikely event that something happens to the vehicle - we've never had a problem.  Container is available if you really want it, but it does carry a few premiums - both in cost and time, as containers attract more U.S. Customs inspections and take longer to load onto the ship / unload at our end.

Within the UK

UK Delivery is always by transporter, we don't drive your dream vehicle on the road, and it will be registered to you as the first UK owner. Most of our clients prefer brand new vehicles, which means you get a brand new car with as close to 0 miles on as possible.

Delivery charges are for a round-trip of the transporter from you to us, as the haulage companies we use are all based locally to our base, and they have to get the truck back to base after delivery, which means they charge per mile.


So if you were in Birmingham B23 7UA, you measure from our address SO21 3EN to your address - I use http://mapquest.co.uk  which I find the best - this comes up with 125.1 miles, so you would pay for 250 miles (the round trip).

Delivery charges are 1.10 per mile + VAT, ask for a complete quotation.